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Xtra Shine 220ml with Glove 1 Bottle

Xtra Shine 220ml with Glove 1 Bottle

  • Product Code: 204558
  • Barcode: 9310720245584
  • Quantity: Each

Alpen Occasions Xtra Shine is an amazing latex balloon shine treatment.  It will keep you latex balloons shining 10 times longer than without Xtra Shine. 

This handy bottle comes with a glove if you like to rub the treatment in (however rubbing isn't necessary) and also has a locking mechanism on the nozzle so you can easily take it with you on jobs without getting the liquid everywhere.

This 220ml bottle treats approx. 330 x 11inch balloons.

Xtra Shine protects against the dulling effects of oxidation on balloons and keeps that latex shine 10 times longer.  Colours come alive and dull, fogged balloons are restored to their original beauty.

• Water soluble
• Anti-static
• Odorless
• Non-flammable
• Safe and easy to use

1. Inflate (with air or helium) and tie balloon.
2. Spray Xtra Shine directly onto the balloon and spread evenly and completely with soft, clean cloth or the glove provided.  Use sparingly, a little goes a long way!

Hints & Tips:
- To avoid overspray and overloading balloon, use the pump sprayer by only partially depressing pump.  The number of sprays per balloon depends upon balloon size and saturation of cloth or glove (eg: a partial spray on opposite sides of an 11” balloon is sufficient.)
- Xtra Shine will quickly disappear into the latex, leaving a glossy, protective shine.  Only one application is required.
- When using helium retention products (eg: XtraFloat), apply Xtra Shine immediately after inflating with helium and tying.
- Xtra Shine will not cause balloon deflation.  It will not prevent deflation of defective balloons.
- Some colour transfer from the balloon to the wiping cloth can be experienced.  Clean the cloth occasionally by washing in water.
- Oxidized imprinted balloons should be wiped gently to avoid smearing the imprint.