The last thing anybody wants to deal with after hosting a successful party or special event is to have to tidy up after everybody and wash endless amounts of dishes. Thanks to catering disposables from Alpen, that doesn't have to be an issue with your next hosted event. We carry a wide range of quality-made disposable baking products and catering products such as plates, cups, napkins,cutlery, and more. Our catering disposables are perfect for your next event and will ensure clean up is an absolute breeze.

For the environmentally conscious amongst you, we have a fantastic variety of ECO friendly catering disposables. Our growing range of ecological disposable catering products includes everything you need for your next party. Choose from wooden cutlery, Bamboo chopsticks, heart picks, Palm Leaf table ware, curly picks, wooden boats and cones and so much more. Our Eco-friendly products are made from sustainable materials such as Poplar Wood and Birch wood, and are all FSC Accredited and have ISO9001 Quality Assurance and SGS Certification.