About Us

Alpen are a leading manufacturer and importer of party and catering accessory products and have been supplying and supporting these industries for over 50 years.


We pride ourselves on providing premium quality products. Our broad and diverse range has been developed to help you decorate and cater for your function or celebration. Our specialty is colour co-ordination and we want to inspire you to create atmosphere!


Alpen have developed many well known household brands which you are sure to recognise and proudly represent many international brands in Australia.

Alpen's commitment

As a growing Australian business, we believe it is our responsibility to make a positive difference – both socially and environmentally.

We source products from all over the world to share with the Australian market. As such, we are committed to ensuring minimum standards concerning labor, health and safety, environmental management and ethics are applied and maintained across our supply chain.

Alpen are working towards ensuring all our products are sourced from companies that align with these committments.

FSC Core Labour Requirements Policy Statement

Self-Declaration Committing to FSC Values