THE ALPEN STORY - a brief version!

Alpen Products Pty Ltd sold its first toothpick in 1967. Since then, our product range has expanded and evolved dramatically in line with the trends of the Party & Catering industries.

Alpen is a leading manufacturer and importer of party and catering accessory products in Australia and have been supplying and supporting our industries for over 40 years. It all started just after WWII when Alpen's founder Mr Jack Byrne started selling toothpicks door to door on his return from fighting in New Guinea in the mid 1940's. From these humble beginnings and the family's hard work, Alpen continued to grow involving members of the Byrne family and headed by Greg & Ros Byrne (Jacks' son and daughter-in-law).

Over the years, Alpen has developed a group of well know household brands, which are all now familiar within the party and catering marketplace. These include 'Parties for Everyone', 'Decrotex', 'Catering Collection' & 'Gala' Crepe Paper, to mention a few.

Along with our own brands we proudly represent many international brands and their products here in Australia. These include Sempertex Latex Balloons, 'Balloon Time' helium balloon kits, 'Duni' superior quality table top accessories, 'The Expressions Factory' badges & banners, 'Kaleidoscope', Betallic & CTI Foil Balloons. We are a well known Australian representative of overseas companies due to our wide distribution within the Australian market, quality products and well established foundations.

We pride ourselves on providing premium quality products. Our broad and diverse range has been developed to help you decorate and cater for your function or celebration. Our specialty is colour co-ordination and we want to inspire you to create atmosphere!



The Balloon Industry represents a segment of Alpen's customer base and Alpen proudly support the Australasian Balloon Artist's & Suppliers Association (BASA)

BASA is made up of Balloon artists and suppliers from all around Australia. By using a BASA member for your balloon work ensures you will receive a professional job from a professional "Balloonie"!

Alpen support BASA members with quality balloons & balloon accessories for sale in their shops and by donating to their training days!

Do you sell balloons? Support the association which supports you! Sign up as a BASA member today by visiting

Did you know that Latex is 100% biodegradable? For more information, visit


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