Quilted ECOBROWN GT Fold Dinner Napkin P100x10

Quilted ECOBROWN GT Fold Dinner Napkin P100x10

  • Brand: Eco Collection
  • Product Code: 370511
  • Barcode: 9310720375113
  • Quantity: 1 carton

These Eco Friendly napkins have been introduced to Alpen's Eco Collection.  They are natural and sustainable!  The are also compostable, 100% recycled, bleach free and biodegradable.

Alpen's buk napkin offering is one of the biggest on the market.  Supplying everything from your 1ply white to quality quilted and even luxurious Airlaid napkins in White and Eco-Friendly recycled napkins!

You buy these redifold (GT fold) quilted eco-friendly dinner napkins by the carton of 1000 but they are conveniently packaged in 10 packets of 100 napkins for easy use!