PFE Helium Balloon 50 Kit inc 50 Balloons & Ribbon 2 kits

PFE Helium Balloon 50 Kit inc 50 Balloons & Ribbon 2 kits

Parties For Everyone Helium Balloon Kit!

1 carton is the UNIT OF SALE.  1 carton includes 2 kits!  

Create amazing decorations for every celebration with the Parties For Everyone Helium Balloon Kit!  It includes everything you need for a small bundle of balloons or a whole room full of beautiful colours!  Fill the ceiling with helium balloons!  Use the balloons included or create your own designs!


- Jumbo Helium Gas Tank 

- 50 x 9 inch Balloon - multi-coloured

- 70m White Ribbon Spool  


Haven't used all the tank?  Just close the valve and save for your next celebration! 


This tank will fill approximately:

50 x 9 inch balloons (as included in kit) OR.,

27 x 11 inch balloons (not included) OR

27 x 18 inch foil balloons (not included) 


LATEX BALLOON FLOAT TIME IS APPROX 5-7 HOURS - we recommend filling balloons approx. 30 mins - 1 hour prior to your celebration. 


Easy to follow instructions:

1. Remove the cap

2. Attach the gas filling adaptor (Gas filling adaptor is in the bag of balloons and ribbon)

3. Open the valve by rotating handle anti-clockwise

4. Slide neck of balloon over the gas filling adaptor

5. Lift the gas filling adaptor upwards to fill balloon.  Please note that it is necessary to lift the adaptor upwards to release gas

6. Fill the balloon to the recommended size.  (Do not overfill or balloon may burst)

7. Take inflated balloon off the adaptor and tie

8. Close the valve by rotating handle clockwise. 


For further information or tank disposal instructions, please read the Warnings on the tank box. 



A great product for New Year's Eve!