Lume Taper Dinner Candles White 250x21mm 10inch Box 50

Lume Taper Dinner Candles White 250x21mm 10inch Box 50

  • Brand: Lume Candles
  • Product Code: 420211
  • Barcode: 9310720422114
  • Quantity: 1 box

UOS - 1 box of 50.

Add a little ambiance to your eatery with these German engineered white Lume Taper Dinner Candles.

Lume candles deliver a high quality product matched with fire safety and toxin free materials for a safe and pleasant environment.

With lead-free cotton wicks and non-drip paraffin wax, you can expect an excellent burn time of approximately 7 hours, all without sooting.

Lume Taper Dinner Candles are sold as 1 box of 50 candles in a printed, wrapped and barcoded kraft box. This box is able to be sold as either a full box or as individual candles.

Fire Safety: Lume candles are certified in compliance with EN 15493:2007 Candles – Specifications for fire safety.

Raw material certified: Lume candle raw materials are certified 100% parafin wax in compliance with EU regulations.

Toxin free: Lume candles are compliant with European Commission Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH Act) passing tests for all SVHC Substances (Substances of Very High Concern)

Sooting: Lume candles are certified incompliance with EN 15426:2007 Candles – Specifications for fire safety.

Wick: lead-free 100% cotton wick.

Manufacturing: Lume candles are made using German manufacturing techniques and machinery.