Mozzigear Mosquito Repeller P1 1pk

Mozzigear Mosquito Repeller P1 1pk

  • Product Code: 655217
  • Barcode: 9335607000230
  • Quantity: Pack of 6

We know that mosquitoes and other insects such as flies and midges can ruin a good day out.

nfortunately many of the personal insect repellent products available that are applied directly to the skin, contain unnatural and potentially toxic chemicals such as DEET. This can be especially concerning when parents require an insect repellent for their children, or are using it around their pets.

Intelligent Health Systems offers a range of products that are all natural, non-toxic and DEET free, offering a choice of products that can be either applied directly to the skin, or simply worn to help keep mosquitos and other insects away this summer.



A portable ultrasonic mosquito repeller that can be worn on the body or placed close by to keep mosquitoes away for up to three metres.

  • Portable and Compact.

  • Simple, convenient and safe to use – no need to apply anything to the body.

  • Odourless and chemical free – ideal for people with sensitive skin

  • 3 metres coverage.

  • Suitable for all ages.

  • Will not harm or bother pets

  • 3 times settings (4hrs, 6hrs & 12hrs).

  • Replaceable 3v Lithium battery CR2032.


Place on person or close by to the area that you wish to be protected and set the timer as required


5-20 KHz multi-frequency sound waves