Candle LED 70x40mm Multi Colour Kit 12 Kit

Candle LED 70x40mm Multi Colour Kit 12 Kit

  • Brand: Duni
  • Product Code: DU171486
  • Barcode: 7321031714869
  • Quantity: 1 carton

Duni LED Candle Multicolour Kit, Rechargable, 1 kit, includes 12 LED

• All LED candles have a 12 hour burn time and 8 hour charge time. 

• Multi coloured, change the mood with the press of a button.

• Each set comes with 1 charging base, 1 adapter and 1 remote control. 

• Environmental care:  Follow local regulations for recycling of electronics and batteries.  Do not put in trash.

• 4 charge banks can be linked together for charging from one powerpoint.

• Over the period of 1 year, recharging LED candles works out cheaper than tea light candles 

• Water resistant, fire code suitable


When ordering products from the Duni Distribution range, a Minimum Order Value of $500 is applicable.  (Exceptions can be made when Duni Distribution products are added to a standard Alpen products order above the minimum order values as applicable for your location.)  



" Society as a whole, and specifically the HORECA sector, is being reshaped by the drive to create a more sustainable world.  To keep our customers ahead of the curve, we offer candle holders made from recycled and upcycled materials - as well as top quality candles." 
Mia Larsson, Category Manager, Candles and Accessories

•  Designed for professionals •  Optimise safety, quality and convenience
•  Maximise cosiness of your indoor and outdoor space  •  Spend less time lighting and cleaning, and more on guests 
•  Get the solution that's right for you: wide choice of LED or real flame.